L'interno del ristorante
Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco
Porticciolo di Calasetta
Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco
Spaghetti alla Bottarga
Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco
Piatto com pesce e pomodori
Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco
Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco
Porticciolo di Calasetta
Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco
Porticciolo di Calasetta
Piatto com pesce e pomodori

Donatello's Restaurant "Perla"

Seafood Specialties


Phone: +39 0781 88483
Mobile: +39 334 3502843

How to Arrive

Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 16

09011 Calasetta - Isola di Sant'Antioco


Opening Hours

Thursday - Tuesday 10:00 - 15:00, 19:30 - 23:30
Wednesday 19:30 - 23:30
My philosophy is simple:
Interpersonal relationship is important to me
Sense of humor, honesty and warmth are close to my heart.

Seafood Specialties

"Perla" in Calasetta is simply the name of Donatello's restaurant and this name says everything. A man of culture immediately connects the name Donatello with David, whose magnificent bronze sculpture is known and appreciated worldwide .

Yes, the famous Florentine sculptor Donatello, but I don't want to offend anyone, not even an artist of this calibre. Nevertheless, our Donatello has got a famous name, and in his profession, he is definitely a kitchen's artist.

The oven does not cook the food, it speaks with it. It takes it only if it is genuine, fresh, simple, organic, delicious and if it will be caressed by the pots. The hand of the artist Donatello does the rest, freshness and authenticity mean everything to him. The coming day will be prepared meticulously and with painstaking care.

Fresh Seafood

Early in the morning he goes of the mole, to get the best haul. Then to the farmer to buy the vegetables of the season. Finally in the kitchen to organize all the cooking.

The dishes are a masterpiece of taste and aromas and wonderfully prepared. The smell of clam chowder with bay leaf animates even the best educated to run to the table.

The starters satisfy the palates of the most gourmets: Oysters, shrimps, tuna, mullets, sea anemones... and the various surprises the day cuddle up the visitors.

The Menu - in the Restaurant

From the various tables, curious eyes of the guests look what the waiters bring. The fragrance and the variety of ingredients often influence their selection. Not only for the guest, who entered the restaurant for the first time, but also for the person who has become an "Abitueé", the choice of the right dish is often difficult. The pasta plates are delicious, the variety is great, but at Donatello's it goes further: Because you would like to try everything. Then you will realize that all the good things deserve to be appreciated and you will come back to Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 16. You sit down at a table, your table.

Now a nice gentleman and a nice lady will come towards you, but before they start asking you say: "Recommend something to me, the menu will not serve." With a smile as big as the hospitality of Sardinia, you will receive a thank you and... start with a Prosecco or a delicious aperitif, while in the background, you will see a beautiful picture: The illuminated ferry-boat on the water of the beautiful sea, the moon turns it even more beautiful in silver. Happy moments while you sit comfortably at the table.

And while some street musicians play in the piazza a song from "your time", Donatello makes a compliment to you: "My dishes strengthen the people."

He doesn't say it by chance, it is because the guests begin to talk. Perhaps someone says: "What a beautiful day we have spent on the bike..." and the memories go back to the age of eighteen to twenty years, the phantasy accompanies the days of summer.

But the evening is not over yet, the main dishes and side dishes now color the plates, fish dishes with the indescribable scent of Mediterranean cuisine, simple and delicious, rich shrimp plates in abundance. Lobster, sea bream, sea bass, capons, squid, cuttlefish, gobies, and many more ...

A piece of fruit, a piece of cake, a milkshake, an ice-cream: An unforgettable evening. You may tell around everything you want, but if you go into town you will say: "In Calasetta I have left my heart, but the kitchen of Donatello, I have taken with me."

The smell of fresh ingredients and of the rushing sea on the plates is the best memory. Yes, the sea is in the dishes of Donatello and the shine of the clear and emerald waters seem to be alive on the tables, surrounded by a garden of colorful flowers and green plants.

The night never ends, the lights of the Saracen tower, which dominates Calasetta from above, reminds you of the past times.